Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing was more than just a day on the lake

It was time to spend with my dad on a cold winter day

Bringing an axe or an auger to make a whole to catch the prey

Catching mostly white fish was not work and more like play.

Sitting on a old laundry bucket waiting for the fish to bite

Having the right bait and patience no matter how cold

When catching the fishing look at the story that can be told

Sharing memories and having fun looking into the sunlight.

When the fish weren’t biting we warmed up in the car

Talking sports and life before we went back for more

Perseverance and pursuing the trill of the catch is the winter fisherman to the core

This was about fun, food and the challenge and following the rules so far.

The years went by and dad and I went out to the lake less

However I will take those memories to my grave

When life seemed simple as we talked and tried to catch fish that day.

Ice Fishing was a time to reflect and be blessed.

By Ty Stingel

December 22, 2013


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