The Baseball Game of Life

The baseball game of life

I can smell the grass on the field and the fine cut grass

Oh I wish this feeling of peace and joy could last

Not the struggle and strife.

You see the rule of baseball are simple in scope.

To hit, to run, field and throw

Whether a boy or a man his game could flourish and grow.

The game can break your heart and give you hope.

Baseball is a measure of truth in one’s ability

Which can translate in all areas of who we are

To be the best wherever we go near or far

The Bible and Baseball were my that truth set me free.

The team work in faith and in the grand old game

Which was remarkable for a disabled found his way

Throwing to his dad in the backyard of grass to learn the trade

This was to feel able and for the love of playing not fame.

So then I coached and loved everything of the sport

The speed of the pitcher throwing the ball and strike three being called

The crack of the homerun in a playoff game in the fall

For manager’s to strategize and holding court.

The discipline of the game helped me so much

In ministry, helping others and to write

Dreams that I could never imagine took flight

This game with the smell of the glove and the beautiful ball to the touch.

By Ty Stingel

December 21, 2013


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