Labels We Are Given

Labels we are given

By man can hurt the heart

When negative words they impart

Listening to this noise can put chains on living.

We need to change the words we hear

Say I am worthy and made in the image of God

I will use my talents and give while traveling this sod

Too slay the giants of negativity and fear.

We all have a place on earth and given a reason to give

So let us tear off the labels that hold us back

Disability, illness or living in the land of lack

No longer will these words have power as we truly live.

How do I know such things?

Labels have been placed on me all my days

However God’s love and acceptance I crave

Life is what you make of it and God only know what tomorrow brings.

May each day we follow our dreams

Oh and yes we all have our critics and there is a cost

But with the love and approval of the Father we are never lost

The label of love flows like a trickling peaceful stream.

By Ty Stingel

December 23, 2013

( Inspired by a sermon I heard about the labels people are given in life.)




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