Trying To Achieve Perfection

Trying to achieve perfection is honorable in it’s attempt of any words or action. No one person will ever be perfect but their are moments in time we come close through our faith, school, jobs and family we all should have those moments we are elated at our or the teams accomplishment. Christmas is a time of reflection and for me what have I accomplished. This year I was grateful to find my voice again through writing, blogging and the art of poetry. I will never be perfect in the craft but now as I am older I have something to say.

 Watching an old movie on DVD “Remember the Titans” about a football team in Alexandra Virginia that was living in a time of integration of black and white students in high school and as a team. The circumstances were far from perfect. Yet this team led by Head Coach Herman Boone who is negro and assistant coach Bill Yoast who is white sought perfection as a team on and off the football field in the season of 1971. Both men wanted too see the boys succeed in a inner your face demanding way of Boone and a more laid back approach of coach Yoast but learned to rely on each other while their was racial tensions in the city and state. These young men were perfect 13-0 and won the state championship. Unlikely lifetime bonds were made and though not perfect are an example of learning to get along black and white. Brotherly love and friend ship is imperfect but the art of coming together as one was a beautiful thing in this film.

What does this have to do with Christmas? Well the only person who walked the earth was Jesus with which is the reason for the season that is celebrated. No one will ever be sinless and walk in perfect harmony with God like Jesus. However the pursuit of following Jesus’s example should inspire us to do better each day. Too seek to live with a purpose with the talents and gifts given by God and developing them to make a life for ourselves, provide for our families and bless others that we come in contact through school, work, play and volunteering to make our world better. Yes we have to take to be successful but once we are given different jobs in this life the reward of give back through time, money or an encouraging world can make the world a better place. You never know who you will impact.

My oldest nephew Alfredo seeks perfection in his hockey and is very determined. He is in grade 4 and finding his way to give his best effort in the classroom as well. He may never be perfect in either discipline but the pursuit is an example to little brothers and those around him. He is already a leader. They say it takes a village to raise a child. He has loving grandparents who support him, myself, parents, teachers and coaches. All child should be so blessed too have that love, support, coaching and teaching.

 All I want too do is too pursue success and perfection as a son, brother, uncle, friend and professionally as writer, author, blogger and wherever my work takes me. Being an advocate of sick children and the disabled is another goal for the new year. Will 2014 be a perfect year and the answer is no but seeking being the best person I can be and not being limit by man and living in God’s strength is what’s important too me.

So my prayer for all who read this article is that you can count your blessings for 2013. May you dream big for 2014 and achieve your goals. No person is an island and may you have talented positive people around you as you accomplish great things. May we all seek to be change makers next year.

By Ty Stingel

December 24, 2013



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