Game Changing Moments in The Last Year.

Here are my top ten game changing moments of 2013 for me.

1. Talked to my birth mom Marjorie for the first time on the phone.

2. Went to work for a Human Services Non Profit Organization as a mentor on a short term contract. The experience had many negative aspects. However I learned a lot about the inner workings of the Human Services field. I also learned how the poor and disabled are treated by the organizations, workers and the community.

3. Learned the art of leadership and what it means to me.

4. Learned how to build a blog with the help of a friend. Started to learn the business side of an internet business as well. Re introduced myself to the art of writing a manuscript, poetry and freelance articles.

5. Grateful to God for my health after double pneumonia, full body infection from a blood cell infection from a cut. This sickness caused two epileptic seizures and I was in the hospital for seven days. Thank goodness for Canadian Medicare. I am well now due to the doctor’s, nurses, prayers, determination on my part and taking better care of myself.

6. Being a disciplined writer and blogger and connecting with my readers. Being creative, informative and making a positive impact on the world is important to me.

7. Meet my birth mom Marjorie and her husband Rick for the first was a game changing moment as I couldn’t believe how much I looked like her and Dustin when we were kids as we exchanged pictures and stories that day in July we met. A piece of advice for any person meeting someone new biological parent, long lost relative or sibling do something fun to break the tension or nervousness. We all went out for meals and went bowling which was a great ice breaker. Can’t wait to visit mom, Rick and the rest of the family sometime in 2014.

8. My role as Uncle, cheerleader, coach and friend with my oldest nephew Alfredo who was at Grandpa and Grandma’s for his third summer hockey camp. Alfredo’s confidence and skill grew and it was cool to spend time with him on that journey. He has had a great year with his rep team as a rookie 9 year old.

9. Meeting my step brother Dustin via Facebook. In the last few days my step sister Brandi I met on Facebook as well. They have been really good to me and it will be great to meet them in person.

10. Giving at Christmas and being thoughtful while I give to my nephews or my mom and dad for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday’s,  the holiday season or giving in the community gives me great joy too see that they are pleased. I have learned giving is a state of mind and the heart. I hope at the end of my life I have left a legacy, blessed others and God is pleased with me.

By Ty Stingel

December 26, 2013


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