I Can Do All Things

I can do all things

With God’s strength, direction and love

Being wise as the old eagle and harmless as a dove

I will be open too what tomorrow brings.

My life has had ups and downs

God was always their waiting for me to trust him

No matter how things got or how grim

His light over took the darkness and gave me a smile instead of my frown.

Family and friends may have their say

God approval is the only thing that matters this day

He just wants me to be in his mold as clay

Who am I too question God’s plan that’s why I pray.

Life is short and I need too share the art within me

Bringing out the color of life through pictures and words to inspire

To think clearly and stir up that Holy Fire.

Have I been disappointed in this life

The answer is yes but that came from man

God has faith in me to take a stand

He wants me to be at peace and not strife.

I can do all things

When the world say this is only what you can do

That is not what the Word says and my confidence grew

Life is full of challenges and I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

By Ty Stingel

December 27, 2013




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