We are the branches

Too the vine on the tree of God’s fruit

How well we listen is be at one with him and the teachings take root

Then we tell our story of redemption as He gives us chance.

I remember that winter day as our team shared from the Word

When the scripture tell of how we grow in him on this mission

Sharing the gospel with authentic heart if we would listen

Telling the greatest story ever told or heard.

Their were many of us on this trip who got physically sick on this trip

We were uplifted by the message of being used as branches

Learning a new culture, languages and caring for others not just passing glances

Taking care of each other when we were weakest helped us get a grip.

So we had to rely on God as he was in us through the Holy Spirit each day

As we were in prayer and in His Word

When sharing too a people who thought faith was absurd,

Knowing that we had to be steadfast and be moulded like clay.

Our branches of unbelief were being pruned through the journey

Moving closer to God and making good friends

Learning we can be used as branches wherever God sends.

So we are truly valuable to God in this forest of life

May we go back to the innocence of our youth

And earnestly seek the truth

Give of ourselves to other and in Him will abide.

By Ty Stingel

January 2, 2014




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