Moving Forward

Well it is the start of a New Year

Moving forward is a goal which means different things

Looking ahead and not behind as we never know what tomorrow brings

Marching on with courage and not fear.

Yesterday’s pain and sorrow can bring you down

Do not forget where you have been

However do not abandon your future and things unseen

Be still in faith as you lay your burdens down.

The foot of the cross can bring a powerful sense of peace

Where we never have to carry a burden alone

Making plans for the future and seeking counsel on the phone

Knowing time is short and life on earth by God is a lease.

The loved ones we lost in the past would want us to live

Mourn for a time, remember them and move on with life

To be happy and grow with our family and friends

To repair our souls and mend

Moving forward is to truly live.

So take care and grab hold of what life has for you

Share with others and build up your team

Living the impossible dream

So moving forward is a battle cry and to see our vision through.

By Ty Stingel

January 3, 2014


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