My Mexican Days

My Mexican days

Seem so far away in my memory tonight

 my friends that presented another of the light

Through the music, language and through the blinding haze.

Was the experience challenging going too a new land

Yes said this gringo who was taught their way

To do work, to speak Spanish and pray.

Too walk the ancient paths of their culture and at times walk in the sand.

No longer was I a gringo but now an amigo a friend.

Too the people who I care so much for in Mexico

They took me in and helped me grow

An experience of a lifetime and glad I was sent.

Teaching English, learning Spanish and ministering to one and all

Sharing life, the pain of death and need was there

The people gave too me than I too them which hardly seems fair.

I made friends that will last a lifetime

May I go back someday too see these people who made me at home

Who shared all they had and I never felt alone.

Thank you to the missionaries who helped guide my way

You kept me safe and taught me many things

So in Spanish my testimony I could bring

I am the richer for the experience today.

By Ty Stingel

January 12, 2014

Dios te bendiga mi amigo’s! 


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