Royal DNA

We all have Royal DNA that we have had since birth

No matter the earth family we are born into that day

Do not believe you are anything less than special I pray

God believes in your dreams and loves you for what it’s worth.

When you do all things in God

You can have a wonderful relationship with your Maker and forgiveness of sins

Who at birth gave you a crown of prince or princess and with Him you can win

Being blessed with partnership and success as you travel this sod.

Yes you could be bitter and be angry with those around

Or how we never had much stuff in the world’s eyes

Know that no matter you are worthy and arise

You will make a great life for yourself and others and rebound.

Miracles of the mind, body and spirit  can come too us 

Just for the asking when talk to the one who created our royal DNA

Who made the earth, sun, moon and stars can restore our faith and help us pray

Cherishing the time we have and living full lives with the favor of the one who made us.

By Ty Stingel

January 12, 2014



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