Second Chances

Everyone in life is given a second chance

Some people think its fate, chance but I call it God

Who tears down my walls, redeems me you are forgiven as I travel this sod

He restores my soul and helps me make a stand.

Second chances came as a child

From a hospital bed and being a sick little boy

Crying out to God as their was no time too be coy

My life in the palm of His hands so meek and mild.

This is no ordinary new thing this is life you see

A chance at a childhood and grow up is very special feeling

After prayers and waking up from surgery I was reeling

From the joy of breathing and saying thank you was my decree.

All who have suffered from loss want a second chance

Young or old who want too get life right

Too open their heart and be loving and not fight

Sharing grace, forgiveness and joy are in their plans.

Coming back to my roots and who I am

God’s not done working with me

Bring me back to a give and loving heart for all too see

Showing me my purpose as a man.

Second chances for all of us come in many ways and forms

Taking advantage of the time we have with friends and family

Should give us joy as we share our purpose in life in the busyness of day or on our knees

When life is good or when their is another storm.

Believing their are no second chances for me

Who picked me up with His mighty right hand in weak points of life

Restore my soul and take away my strife

These are my wishes for all of you too be free.

By Ty Stingel

January 19, 2014


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