Cantar y Bailar (Sing and Dance)

Cantar y Bailar

The Cha Cha, Salsa or merengue with my amigos

To Chicano music as the wind blows

Life is sweet as the day turns to night under the stars.

The steps we take can be clumsy

Or they can be graceful at times

But the journey is never fine

We can be imprisoned by our movements or free

Community over the individual is a powerful sight

Who can live on a island of silence not me

Sharing the dance now and yet too be

I will cherish this with all my might.

Singing and dancing brings out the child in us

Which brings our heart and spirit alive

And is pure, honest and too thrive

For me this a must.

The sound of the Spanish guitar moves my soul

When I am in nature at peace I can hear the beat

To sing and dance and take a front row seat.

While participating in life and being whole.

By Ty Stingel

January 22, 2014



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