Welder In The Rain

He was a welder in the rain

Burning rod in the mud and the muck

Just trying to provide a life and make a buck

Through the joy and the pain.

You see it wasn’t his choice of work per say

However Grandpa and Grandma died when he was young

And life for him as an adult had begun

His head reeling but needing to survive come what may.

So then he trained to be a welder

Weld in the sun, snow and rain

While we were growing up he told us too use our brain

And he was a seeker of knowledge, teacher and welder.

He told me never to judge a book by it’s cover

Too be my own man no matter the cost

It would be a shame too be helpless and lost

Too show respect, work hard and mind your mother.

These ideals are still good today

This man my father this welder in the rain

The snow banks, blazing sun and may his efforts not be in vain

Lessons he shared with his children, grandsons are cherished at work and play.

So welder in the rain I honor you

As I hone my craft as I work this day

Thank you for your teaching and helping mold this clay

Know forever I respect all you did for me and dad I love you.

By Ty Stingel

January 24, 2014


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