Take Courage

Take courage my friends

The journey we are will have it’s ups and downs

To get up from a tough challenge and know God’s grace abounds

We can get up and see what adventure the day lends.

May we have experienced negative things

The answer is yes and varies with everyone

Grieving is healthy as we go threw the dark reaching for the sun

With the hope that tomorrow will bring good things.

Let us reach out to those who care

And listen when people need a ear

Living life without judgement and fear

Be of a kind heart and fair.

There is no timetable for grief

When challenges come I will be their for family or friends

And I know my Father in Heaven showers mercy that He lends

While others will be kind, loving which will be a relief.

Pushing through fear is not a easy feat

To take courage is a witness to others

Sometimes this is just asking for help today

May you find a listening un critical ear I pray

You are a hero my sister and brother.

You all have so much to give

Others have so much to learn from you

Sharing the darkness and light and see it through

Taking courage, to love and to care and truly live.

By Ty Stingel

January 26, 2014


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