Coming To My Senses

Coming to my senses

Is not just an emotional awakening of the soul

But to taste, touch, smell, hear and see when the day unfolds

Praying I won’t be blinded by cloudy lenses.

The gift of life can be wasted and there is nothing sadder

What if we have one or more of our senses taken away

Do we curse our luck, like we have no value like a tossed away piece of clay

Yes life gives us challenges and it’s how we use our lives that matters.

Some days I can only feel  hot or cold on my right side

But their is nothing wrong with my taste buds when eating a meal

Or the smell of beautiful flowers from a freshly cut field

Taking delight in the song of a bird and watching it glide.

Then again I need to come to my senses and to be free

For the things I do have and seeking favor

To the God who gives me breath and life to savour

We all have strengths and weaknesses you see.

And who am I to tell you what to believe and say what’s right

Just know with this life we have the choice to receive

So we can give with our abundance of riches and truly breath

No I am not just talking about money though that is nice.

It is our talent, time, teaching and a helping hand

No matter the challenges that lay ahead today

We can make a difference in our work and play

Rich or poor, sickness or health we can say I will and I can.

Making this world a better place should be appealing

To lift a brother or sister up who needs love, mercy and grace

Leaving a legacy for family, friends to follow while they see us life with a joyful face

Coming to one’s senses gives a person no greater feeling.

By Ty Stingel

February 8, 2014



When I was a baby there was a picture of stand on my dads hand

Or being held by my mom

The shaved head a memory of surgery was done

A family portrait taken in a grain of time like the blowing sand.

Pictures full of my memories

In more innocent times

When all the world seemed fine

Oh how I could go back to days such as these.

Where dad came home dirty from another construction job

Mom was the teacher, nurse and a rock

My sister ran from the camera which was a lock

We lived, we grew with picture as we traveled this sod.

I went to college and made new friends

was in love and their was getting my picture taken again

then working as a missionary in a different land and more pictures I sent

Through different roads in my life a picture was like an old friend.

Pictures are like a window into the soul

They rarely if ever lie

They are like a gift from heaven coming out of the sky

The photo can capture our darkest hour or catch us with a smile and glow.

College graduations, weddings, reunions and births have been taken

In the last number of years

Where there was much joy and we overcame our fears

Creating lasting memories, joy, tears and love are at stake.

Now grand children and nephews take up the photo lens

With our digital cameras and computers to create the scene

Of who we are and were we have been

When we are done we create many photos and press send.

So you see pictures are a history making tool

That we can admire and reflect on the day

Where our world changed come what may

Knowing we did our best to live life to the fullest and keep the Golden rule.

By Ty Stingel

February 5, 2014

I Will

I will not dwell on the past for long.

I will concentrate on being the best I can be in the moment.

I will look forward to the future.

I will ask God for his favor.

I will challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.

I will listen to positive options others give.

I will acknowledge change is unavoidable.

I will keep an open mind in all situations.

I will make my own decisions.

I will think about the possibility of successes.

I will cheer for others and encourage their efforts.

I will get back up when I fall down.

I will focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.

I will not try to please others.

I will be a patient person.

I will overcome my fears as a brain injured person.

I will make it a goal not to repeat habitual mistakes.

I will be calculating in my decision making.

I will ask help from others.

I will help others who ask for it.

I will not quit.

I will be a good teammate.

Most of all I will be a champion!

By Ty Stingel

February 2, 2014