Surviving Necrotizing Fasciitis and Recovery

I haven’t written on my blog since I believe July. The date was July 31, 2014 when I got really sick due to a spider bite, fever, vomiting and a suspected charley horse in my right hip and leg. I went to the hospital a little over an hour from when I initially got sick in our small town hospital in Ponoka, Alberta Canada. Within hours my doctor had me transferred to bigger center in Red Deer Alberta.

A long story short the doctor’s in Red Deer diagnosed me with Necrotizing Fasciitis or commonly known as Flesh Eating Disease. I would have two surgeries on my right leg as the surgeon removed muscle and the infection out my leg and saved my life. I also survived respiratory arrest during my first surgery as I was in critical condition. Through the surgeons hands, medical team, positive thoughts and prayers I believe I am alive.

All toll I was in the hospital 16 days and had a total of 18 stitches in my right calf and thigh to close the incision for my surgeries. I learned to walk again with a walker and then elbow crutches. This was a humbling experience and I was encouraged by doctor’s, nurses, Physio Therapists and other medical staff as I travelled through what was and still can be difficult days of recovery.

Two months since I came home I still struggle with stamina. My lungs took quite a beating from surviving my respiratory arrest incident in surgery. However survivors of NF have endured much greater struggles than I. Having a grateful heart for every day I am given is going to be my attitude for the rest of my life. A goal of mine is to encourage Canadian Survivors of NF and provide a support group for them. The American group has been a great support to me.

Lastly I am in the middle of writing a screenplay about a man who survives NF and his families journey through the illness, surgery and recovery. I hope to have it done in a couple of months. The goal of this play is to give NF survivors a voice regarding their experience with the disease.

By Ty Stingel


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