Ty Stingel Bio

My name is Ty Stingel and I am a author, blogger and poet born in Regina Saskatchewan and now resides in Ponoka, Alberta. My first book was called They Said, “I Couldn’t” a emotional and moving story about a boy who experiences victory over his disability. Practicing baseball drills, my Christian faith provided me with a road to recovery from seven serious operations. Brain injury rehabilitation for myself is a life long journey. My book was self published in 2004 by Skytone Printing in Red Deer, Alberta. This was a true family project that was rewarding too write. My current book project is on Non Profit Organizations and Leadership. I have a B.A. in Leadership Development from Rocky Mountain College in 2009. A ESL certificate from Oxford Seminars at the University of Calgary in 2010. My ESL and tutoring experiences took me to Mexico on internship and in Alberta teaching new immigrants English and both were rewarding experiences.

My hope is that my blog can be inspirational, positive and informative on my struggles and triumphs as a brain injury survivor, author and citizen of the world. Moreover to give insightful thoughts on news, sports, or literary events. So be inspired my fellow readers and bloggers as each day we are given is a gift and to be live life to the fullest.


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