The Shakes

The shakes they come on suddenly after having a lack of rest or too much stress. I am not trying to be poetic or funny when I say this but I promised myself a long time ago I would not be defined shakes that could become seizures or one’s that are not a warning and last for 3-5 minutes long. I have had over 70 of these type of focal seizures over 29 years. Do I like talking about epilepsy and the answer is no. Do I like talking about acquired brain injury up until the last few years the answer would have been no. However I believe now more than ever I should my struggles and triumphs with both of my conditions.

 You see I come from a long line of overcomers in my family and sharing my struggle I felt may weaken my resolve in attaining other goals in life. The disease of epilepsy and having an acquired brain injury were not going to stop me from attaining degrees, working or being an entrepreneur in my life. Even being a missionary for a time and teaching ESL.

The shakes remind me how valuable my medication is too my daily routine. That I do need my rest and can’t work at the same pace and I need a short nap every day to stay fresh. Yes I drink too much coffee too keep me alert but it has worked so far in regards to my education and work life. Drink water to clear out my kidney’s. Have a balanced diet and exercise is my life. These are just the facts.

My emotions with shakes or seizures is that it is terrifying each and every time. There I said it I am afraid that is my initial reaction to these medical interruptions that can effect the whole right side of my body for a day. My time of recovery can take the day but the strength back in my ride side can take weeks or months too what strength I had built up in the gym or other athletic activities. So this setback is maddening to me as my competitive nature hates losing.

My family and friends have all lightened the blow of my seizures over the years with limited success. I go through the range of emotions sad, mad, disappointed in myself and try not to get depressed. I tell myself to snap out of my moods after the first part of my recovery starts. I need to be positive and thankful to God that he has brought me out of another valley. Phillipians 4:13 say; “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” I am not one for pushing my faith on anyone. Just saying what helps get me through the tough times with my epileptic condition.

Had 2 wicked seizures hours apart when I had double pneumonia and cellultis while in the hospital this past May and daily I have regained strength in my body. The physical nature has always been the more difficult part of my recovery from a seizure. Emotionally and mentally I focus on the positives of surviving another one and getting better. I have been know to wrestle with God and seek answers to the why which he never answers. He does tell me I can use my testimony or journey to help encourage others and tell of what God has down for me.

These are not easy things for me to share. All I know I was blind but now I see like the blind man. Due to God’s amazing grace I am alive. Do I wish for a cure for epilepsy in my lifetime and the answer is yes for millions of others and myself. Until I am content with how God made me and that one day when I pass from this life into the next I will have a healed body when I reach Heaven.

So in conclusion may all of you who read this who have loved ones or you yourselves suffer from seizures my thoughts and prayers are with you. I promised myself to be an advocate for the brain injured and those with epilepsy and I will not be a victim thinking of just myself. So you can reach me at Facebook and Twitter at Tylor Stingel if you need a friend. I am also available to share my story and give presentations to groups as well.

By  Ty Stingel

October 7, 2013


Education For The Disabled Child

Education for a disabled child can be done. The old saying if there is a will there is a way. I have dealt with traumatic brain injury affects all my life. I have been blessed with great teachers, tutors which include my parents who were patient with me. Reading, writing, spelling, math, science and history were worked on. My dad would tell me working hard is not good enough. Working smart and a good work ethic will take me places he would say. There were too be no excuses, compensate, be practice an educational skill successful over and over again. Yes I graduated high school and have a B.A. in Leadership Development but when you want something bad enough you do what it takes to be successful. Yes it took me longer and their were no shortcuts in my life. I am grateful to God and family that have stood by me in my experience.

The educational life for any disabled child will depend on the disability, attitude of the caregiver on education and the desire of the student to give their best effort whatever that might be. Every child takes a different road to learning. Some individuals are hands on  learners. Other students learn by hearing or by sight. Technology can be a great tool to giving a disabled student a level playing field to succeed in the classroom in this information age.

Some parents or caregivers might not approve of my parents or my approach to learning. The great thing is that no one has to use our approach. They can use a method that makes their child successful in and out of the classroom. All I can say is be creative in your teaching or tutoring techniques, be involved with your children’s school, go to parent teacher interviews, make learning fun and never give up on your child.

My parents God bless them never gave up on me. A child disabled or able bodied can be given a great gift of the desire to learn and research a topic that interests them. Every child has a talent and parents and teachers are given the joint task to help the child and student to discover what they are good at doing.

By no means am I an expert on the education of a disabled student. I just have experience being an overcomer of my disability. My parents have sacrificed a lot to make me the person I have become. I would love to hear more success stories of children and parents who have gone on similar journey our family. Let me make it clear I cheer for anyone who overcomes their difficulties in the classroom, their disability and how successful they have become and the parents and caregivers who support them.

Success can come in varied degrees for every disabled student or with a learning disability and I say cheer a good effort big or small. A positive attitude will make all the difference in the world. So be all you can be and seize each day as a disabled student and the parents , caregivers, teachers and tutors that support them.

By Ty Stingel

July 22, 2013


Hanging out with Alfredo

I love getting the chance to hang out with my nephew Alfredo. He is a very smart kid that has boundless energy. We play soccer, football, baseball and have a lot of fun being together. I only see him one or two times tops in a year. However it is quality time and I get to impart some uncle wisdom that I hope he uses in his life. I am glad he is a free thinker and does his own thing.

Looking forward to watching him in hockey camp in August. I have a new camera that has a video component  so their will be lots of footage of him when I am there. He is 9 year old and going to his third hockey camp. He is an excellent athlete and will only get better. He is going into grade 4 in September. It is my grandparents and my dream that he combine athletics and education to give him a bright future. The discipline from athletics and school intersect and make a child grow into a well rounded adult.

I have been blessed to learn these values of education, sports, discipline, determination, dedication from my parents, teachers and other role models along the way. So my dream is that my nephew Alfredo can looking back on his upbringing with fond memories and he can grow into a fine young man. May God richly bless his path.

By Tylor Stingel

July 9, 2013

6 Neuro Surgeries, 4 Concussions- Ty Knows Life As A Victor!

Yes I had 6 brain surgeries by the age of 7. I have had 4 concussions in my life that I count. You may ask yourself how I can see myself as a victor. Well I never let my surgeries and concussions get me down for long. There was always a job to be done. Rehab from a surgery or accident that led to concussion. School homework, baseball drills, running track and just trying to achieve normal kid goals no matter how long it took. To say I am stubborn and humbly speaking an overachiever I will gladly accept those compliments but only for a moment because there is always something new to achieve.

Some of my goals as an adult have been achieved. I am well educated but never feel I have all the answers. I seek knowledge as my dad told me many years ago that I would make my way in this world with my brain, pen and paper. Little did he know that being an author, blogger and speaker would be in my future when I was a boy.

None my hopes. dreams, dreams and accomplishments would have ever come true without my faith in God, my family or friends that encouraged me. I must sound like a broken record but I am not a arrogant individual that thinks they live life on a island by themselves. My supporters were many and they have continued to stay with me on my journey through the good, bad and the ugly of life.

My new goals in life are to be the best I can be in the literary and eventually back in the motivational speaker’s community. Should I ever go back to university a Master’s Degree in Sociology would be a goal that would connect with my B.A. in Leadership Development. I even like writing about the journey of people and civilizations as I have studied in Mexico and grew to love the people ,there culture, music and language.

So brain injury is an obstacle and yes I do have my bad days and will probably take anti epileptic medication due to my surgeries for the rest of my life. These facts of my health are relevant and need to be treated with respect. However I am a role model to my nephews, the disability, brain injury communities and  in my profession as a writer.

I have had to go through the stages of grieving denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance and letting go to move forward and gain peace and freedom. This is my hope for all who read my blog. Whatever life has put in your path you can overcome and be victorious. You can be someone’s hero in your family, your community and in the world. There is greatness in all of us if we dig down deep and stand up and say I want to lead, be a role model and encourage the gifts in others lives.

By Ty Stingel