Nectrotizing Fasciitis and Epilepsy

Necrotizing Fasciitis and Epilepsy don’t mix especially when you have powerful antibiotics fighting this condition post surgery with very little appetite the potential for a seizure can happen. I had a seizure in the bathroom and had the sense to pull the cord connected to a buzzer to get help from the nurse who was at her station outside my room. The doctor was by to see me before my epileptic attack and I threw up in front of him Hence no medication in my stomach or food these things can happen.

I am not trying to gross anyone out by writing about this subject. This was my reality in hospital fighting flesh eating disease. Epilepsy has been part of my life on and off since I was ten. I am now forty years old and have learned to manage it through managing my stress, staying fairly healthy and taking my medication at 8am and 8pm everyday. I have had seizures over 70 times in my life. Necrotizing Fasciitis once and I pray these two diseases never meet again in my body. This sickness will not define me but strengthen me from July 2014 till the end of my days.

Everyday should be a day of Thanksgiving, birthday, Christmas or an anniversary rolled up into one. Life is a gift and not a right. My goal is to live a happy productive life all my days. How about your life? We can choose negative or positive seeds we sow into ourselves or others. Each one of us has a mission and purpose in life.

Necrotizing Fasciitis or Epilepsy will not define who I am. God and the choices I make and how I treat others will define my journey. This life is a gift and I will treat it with respect.

By Ty Stingel



Today is a new day

full of plans and schemes

where you can achieve your dreams

and God can mold you like clay.

Yesterday is remembered but not to dwell on

Bad experienced are to be learned from

Not to be punished with till kingdom come

Today is the dawn of a new day looking towards the Son.

So today my friend work towards your plans

With intelligence and creativity with the opportunity given

The keys of success will not be handed to you so you must be driven

Go for what you want and take a stand.

So today is never guaranteed and is a gift

And when you live like there is no tomorrow

where you may have joy, struggle or sorrow

Where you seek growth in that day, encourage others and give them a lift.

Remember the memories of yesterday and create new ones today

Think of what can be and not the way things were

Life sometimes needs to be shaken and stirred

Whatever you do say I will have a great day!

By Ty Stingel

October 8, 2013

My Adoption Story

I was born 38 years ago in Regina Saskatchewan to a 19 year old woman I now know as my birth mom and gave me up because she wanted a better life for me. Her decision to give birth to me, then to give me up for adoption were unselfish acts.

I was adopted by Angus and Patricia Stingel when I was three months old. My parents lost a baby boy two years before I was born and the doctor told them to adopt if they wanted a child. I am so glad they made that decision to adopt me and years later my sister Talicia.

I was told at a early age that I was chosen and a gift from God. Do I realize how blessed I am you may be saying. Yes I have awesome people. They told me they were commissioned to be my parents and take the responsible of being mom and dad seriously. We have been through the good, bad and ugly that life has had to offer. My mom and dad were teachers, encouragers and role models too my me growing up. My dad a high pressure journeyman welder and my mom a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in a brain injury unit.

The opportunities  to travel, learn about other cultures, nature and have an educational component to the vacation was awesome! My mom and dad gave me many experiences that broadened the world of a disabled child. Mom and dad made me accountable to raise up spending money on vacations from my childhood bottle and sport cards selling businesses. My appreciation for their guidance can never be repaid.

My birth mom and her family have come into my life this past year. She is grateful for having great adoptive parents. Nothing has changed mom and dad will always be just that my parents. My birth mom and I are establishing a friendship as adults. This side of my life is an added blessing as she found me.

Being adopted is not being a second class citizen. Sometimes adoption stories of some children don’t work out as well but this is not the child’s fault. That child is a gift and my prayer is that damaged individual finds healing and peace in their lives Every child is a gift to their family to their families. Acceptance by family, friends, colleagues is what you make it. I have embraced the blessing of being adopted. I know by my faith I was made in the image of God as we all are and what a great comfort that is too me.

Would like to hear any adoption stories my readers may have and can contact me at Tylor Stingel at Twitter or Facebook.