6 Neuro Surgeries, 4 Concussions- Ty Knows Life As A Victor!

Yes I had 6 brain surgeries by the age of 7. I have had 4 concussions in my life that I count. You may ask yourself how I can see myself as a victor. Well I never let my surgeries and concussions get me down for long. There was always a job to be done. Rehab from a surgery or accident that led to concussion. School homework, baseball drills, running track and just trying to achieve normal kid goals no matter how long it took. To say I am stubborn and humbly speaking an overachiever I will gladly accept those compliments but only for a moment because there is always something new to achieve.

Some of my goals as an adult have been achieved. I am well educated but never feel I have all the answers. I seek knowledge as my dad told me many years ago that I would make my way in this world with my brain, pen and paper. Little did he know that being an author, blogger and speaker would be in my future when I was a boy.

None my hopes. dreams, dreams and accomplishments would have ever come true without my faith in God, my family or friends that encouraged me. I must sound like a broken record but I am not a arrogant individual that thinks they live life on a island by themselves. My supporters were many and they have continued to stay with me on my journey through the good, bad and the ugly of life.

My new goals in life are to be the best I can be in the literary and eventually back in the motivational speaker’s community. Should I ever go back to university a Master’s Degree in Sociology would be a goal that would connect with my B.A. in Leadership Development. I even like writing about the journey of people and civilizations as I have studied in Mexico and grew to love the people ,there culture, music and language.

So brain injury is an obstacle and yes I do have my bad days and will probably take anti epileptic medication due to my surgeries for the rest of my life. These facts of my health are relevant and need to be treated with respect. However I am a role model to my nephews, the disability, brain injury communities and  in my profession as a writer.

I have had to go through the stages of grieving denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance and letting go to move forward and gain peace and freedom. This is my hope for all who read my blog. Whatever life has put in your path you can overcome and be victorious. You can be someone’s hero in your family, your community and in the world. There is greatness in all of us if we dig down deep and stand up and say I want to lead, be a role model and encourage the gifts in others lives.

By Ty Stingel


Advocacy: All Leaders Please Stand Up!

Being a leader comes natural to me in a business setting. To be an advocate takes a certain type of leader. My motto is don’t tell me your going to do something show me you will do what you say. The job of being an advocate for the disabled is tireless work. The bosses of a group home need to be organized, empower their employees to make decisions and set up a positive atmosphere that keeps the workers connected to educational options to help them do their job.

How can I speak  of being an advocate so confidently Well for one I am a disabled adult who is a brain injury survivor who has been a advocate for the disabled. Well I worked in the Human Services industry and saw the dysfunction. Politics and bureaucracy are not my thing even though they have their place within an organization. True leaders help their employees stand up to be advocate with a plan.

In this country of Canada I have had the joy of Teaching English As A Second Language to immigrants in central and Calgary Alberta.My travels also took me to Mexico and teach English their while on Internship for my degree. What does this have to do with advocacy you may say? Someone coming to a strange land and learning to speak a strange language need support. Thank goodness for organizations that help new immigrants to get started

To  be an advocate defined in Webster’s Dictionary is: to plead in favor of :”defend by argument before public tribunal  or public support or recommend publicly.” So whatever your cause stand up and be a leader for those need your help. You can be a great advocate.