I Will

I will not dwell on the past for long.

I will concentrate on being the best I can be in the moment.

I will look forward to the future.

I will ask God for his favor.

I will challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.

I will listen to positive options others give.

I will acknowledge change is unavoidable.

I will keep an open mind in all situations.

I will make my own decisions.

I will think about the possibility of successes.

I will cheer for others and encourage their efforts.

I will get back up when I fall down.

I will focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.

I will not try to please others.

I will be a patient person.

I will overcome my fears as a brain injured person.

I will make it a goal not to repeat habitual mistakes.

I will be calculating in my decision making.

I will ask help from others.

I will help others who ask for it.

I will not quit.

I will be a good teammate.

Most of all I will be a champion!

By Ty Stingel

February 2, 2014


This Illness Will Not Win

What it does to me when I see it

The answer is it makes me angry and frayed

Defeat due to illness is not an option for this jay of clay

When a setback happens I want to overcome it.

I have disdain for the illness and compassion for others beloved

Especially family members and friends on any day

I fall to my knees and pray

So they can have victory and know they are loved

Embracing difficulties is the fabric of life

Giving in and accepting defeat isn’t in my DNA

Saying yes to God that made me to love, work and play

Seeing someone I love give up cuts me me like a knife.

Striving to be well in mind, body and soul

Feeling the sun on one’s face and the breeze in the air

Acknowledge the past,embracing the present and excited about the future we dare

This is my declaration and goal.

To those that I love

May you continue to fight the good fight

Your illness or challenges will not win as you take flight

May you be strong like an eagle and harmless as a dove.

By Ty Stingel

August 7, 2013

This poem is dedicated to all those who suffered illness, injury,challenges and loss in their lives.