I Will

I will not dwell on the past for long.

I will concentrate on being the best I can be in the moment.

I will look forward to the future.

I will ask God for his favor.

I will challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.

I will listen to positive options others give.

I will acknowledge change is unavoidable.

I will keep an open mind in all situations.

I will make my own decisions.

I will think about the possibility of successes.

I will cheer for others and encourage their efforts.

I will get back up when I fall down.

I will focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.

I will not try to please others.

I will be a patient person.

I will overcome my fears as a brain injured person.

I will make it a goal not to repeat habitual mistakes.

I will be calculating in my decision making.

I will ask help from others.

I will help others who ask for it.

I will not quit.

I will be a good teammate.

Most of all I will be a champion!

By Ty Stingel

February 2, 2014


Scattered Bones

The scattered bones of the soul

Are the hurtful words that come a person’s way

The sting can only be taken by God I pray

May a new chapter of peace unfold.

Scattered bones come from years of damaging memories

Where a person can go through much pain and hurt

And they feel like dirt

Give me your burden is God’s decree.

We are to acknowledge  but not live in the past

Life is not a bed of roses, but neither full of dread

Be grateful for the morning, noon and evening before going to bed

To follow God what a glorious dye will be cast.

So scattered bones you have no place here

My bones and memories have healed

With God’s favor I am sealed

I serve a God of love, strength, wisdom, mercy and not fear.

By Ty Stingel

August 23, 2013

My Dad

Thanks for being my dad and hero through the years

I stood on your hand as a baby boy

My trust in you and you had my back and were never coy

Through the times of laughter, frustration and tears.

You introduced me in prayer to the Heavenly Father in prayer

To call on Jesus morning, noon and night to gain wisdom, strength and seek His love

Gaining strength from above but to be kind and harmless as a dove

I will be forever grateful for you leading me in that Salvation prayer.

Those time on the baseball field were life lessons to be taught

Every pitch, catch or hit was a journey between father and son

Your patience and understanding made me feel loved

With every workout and every pitch caught.

Those spelling lessons over the phone

Teaching my multiplication tables with diligence and care

With patience and fun teaching style with little flare

You have always had a heart of gold and never of stone.

Now you are a glowing grandfather

Of three handsome boys today

Who you support and will pray

Oh what a wonderful legacy as my dad and a grandfather.

By Ty Stingel

For Father’s Day June 16, 2013


Being Courageous, His Passing and The Celebration of Life of My Uncle.

My Uncle Frank had brain cancer for well over a year and lost his battle yesterday. He fought very courageously through 2 brain surgeries, chemo therapy and radiation with all of his strength. Cancer was not going to define him and he lived his life to the fullest. His body was wore out and he passed away peacefully.

My mom and dad attended a Irish wake in Uncle Frank’s honor with my aunt his wife my Aunt Sandra and  other family members. There were many stories, laughter a true celebration of his life. A cousin and I talked on the phone for 45 minutes sharing Uncle Frank stories and helping each other through our grief.  Another relative phoned today expressing her sympathy to our family and more stories came out of fond memories of my Uncle. We all loved him dearly.

Family loving on each other in a time of grief is a precious thing. Telling our family members that we love and care about them is crucial as we are not promised tomorrow. I was blessed to know my Uncle for 39 years what a gift. We shared many good times together.

Thanks again for being courageous, sharing your knowledge whenever you could. You were a wonderful man, my uncle, a sportsman and a great storyteller. I celebrate your life Uncle Frank and will keep your memory alive.

By Ty Stingel

May 11, 2013