Dad had his 65th birthday

 My dad had his 65th birthday on February 27th and the thought of him becoming a senior citizen I have mixed emotions about. Yes I am grateful he made it to this age and yet concerned that he feels worn out. This is the natural progression of life I guess. He and my mom who turns 65 later this year are in my thoughts and prayers. Even more than that I want to protect them from those who take advantage of old people. This includes relatives, so called friends and perfect strangers.

 They will forever be heroes in what they accomplished in their lives. My mom as a nurse, teacher, administrator and mother and how she balanced all her duties. My dad as a welder, teacher of welding in high school and a father. My parents beat the odds and taught me how to dream big. Now they are teaching my sisters kids their grandchildren how to work, learn and follow their dreams. Hockey camps, school plays, meeting their teachers are all apart of their lives. Just like their previous lives of being great parents they have transferred those same skills in making them wonderful grandparents. I remind my nephews how blessed they really are to have Nana and Gah- Gah as they are affectionately called as active grandparents in their lives.

So 65 years old has perks and drawbacks but has not stopped my dad and mom from living. So what if they need to take a few medications so they can have quality of life and function well. The important thing is they live well and they are grateful for every breath they take. My hope and prayer is that I have that kind of attitude at their age.

By Ty Stingel

March 4, 2014 


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