Family Ties

One day we are born and the trumpet sounds

When mother, father, grandparents and family rejoice

The baby cries and all are glad for the their voice

When all is right family ties abound.

However not every child is fortunate in this world

To the wealthy options in a hospital setting

Or to be born to two parent who love over them and are fretting

You see there are unwed mothers in this world.

My journey started with a young mother who had courage you see

To give birth and to give me up

To adopted parents who choice me and their love never stops

Now I am older and my family ties make me strong and free.

My parents love Jesus in their daily walk

So do I and my birth mom as we bless each other while we talk.

Family is what you make of it and to love one another

Yes family can be a complicated thing with our strengths and flaws

However the goal is to accept each other for who we are not with judgement and laws

All we have to do is follow the golden rule and love our sister and brother.

If our family ties are strong we can make it through this life

From birth to death we only have each other

To love on, seek wisdom with and go on this journey following the Heavenly Father

So be there for whoever you call family in this life.

By Ty Stingel

August 28, 2013

Dedicated to my family  and friends who have loved and supported me through the years. May God bless you richly.



Hockey Camp

The hockey camp can be a wonderful moment in time

Where player, coaches and families can grow

There are so many benefits from the time and skills bestowed

Where they can struggle or their time is sublime.

Yes there are players and parents are a distraction

Their act grows thin in this camp of dreams

Where coaches take control to promote and keep it clean

The good players show their stuff and want to be the main attraction.

There is a disciplined order during this week

Getting up and going to bed early to keep their strength

So they can shoot, pass, save the puck and stride with length

The players goal should be to perfect their craft for all to see.

However at this age they are still little boys

The drills and scrimmages must be fun

Playing other games help so they don’t lose interest and say their done

May they all continue to grow in hockey and life but at this time remain little boys.

By Ty Stingel

August 27, 2013

A poem dedicated to my nephew Alfredo who is 9 years old and has had a great hockey camp.

Yes I Can Achieve

Yes I can achieve

I belong and will not let anything stop me

I serve a great God who leads me

While I walk on this earth and breath.

You see I have fought what is declared normal in this world

However it’s God’s opinion and direction that matters

When others don’t believe and scatter

I will say yes I can as the plan is unfurled.

I cheer for the underdog who wants to succeed against the odds

Who is not deterred by their race, economics, ability or faith

Where they live off of confidence, leadership, mercy and grace

While they influence the world as they travel this sod.

So I will say yes to myself and others yes we can achieve

I amazed from my heroes who have had courage for there life

They have overcome, changed the world even when adversaries words cut like a knife

So every day I will wake up and say to myself I believe.

Our lives should be lived full out

We must believe we are worthy each day

While we are inspired spiritually, mentally and physically I pray

So we leave nothing on the table of our abilities day in and day out.

By Ty Stingel

August 26, 2013

Scattered Bones

The scattered bones of the soul

Are the hurtful words that come a person’s way

The sting can only be taken by God I pray

May a new chapter of peace unfold.

Scattered bones come from years of damaging memories

Where a person can go through much pain and hurt

And they feel like dirt

Give me your burden is God’s decree.

We are to acknowledge  but not live in the past

Life is not a bed of roses, but neither full of dread

Be grateful for the morning, noon and evening before going to bed

To follow God what a glorious dye will be cast.

So scattered bones you have no place here

My bones and memories have healed

With God’s favor I am sealed

I serve a God of love, strength, wisdom, mercy and not fear.

By Ty Stingel

August 23, 2013

Prayer in Solitude

A quiet dark place can be found

Where a prayer in solitude God can hear

He loves when we talk to Him, so have no fear

This place is your secret where you can’t hear a sound.

Sometimes are words are lost on others

We should rather have a chat with God

More often than not as we travel this sod

Words are a precious thing that should be used carefully to God, your sister or brother.

However angry and foolish words

So silence and quietness of thought are key

To bring our hearts in the right place to see

Where we are clear in mind, body and spirit without a doubt.

When I keep silent and still

God can speak in a prayer of solitude

God is clear and I will listen and will not be rude

Giving over my heart and my will.

By Ty Stingel

August 22, 2013

Overcoming Acquired Brain Injury and Fufilling My Potential

I was informed by my mom that I had an acquired brain injury or (A.B.I.) . However a title or a condition does not define who I am. I have lived with the affects of brain injury through surgeries,occupational, physio therapy, competing in regular classes in elementary, High School and College classes. I have played baseball, soccer, track and field and golf competing at doing my best. Was I an all-star at any sport or academic scholar and the answer is no.

I have worked at different jobs and held my own. Do I like my current job as a writer and poet you better believe it. Do i love sharing my vision of life through this blog the answer is a resounding yes. My dream is too get my message out to as many people possible and speak to businesses, school, faith and disability organizations to spread my message of hope.

Having a disability is not a death sentence but a chance to do great things that no one expects of the individual. What is normal please tell me. Every human being has their quirks. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We can be taught so much through losses and difficulties in life to rise up and show others this is a bright new day and how are you going to live this live.

So I will be using my talents, spiritual gifts to be a blessing to other. I want to live each day like it is my last. So i challenge all who read this to use your talents, love your family and have faith that you can be used for a great purpose in this life.

By Ty Stingel

August 20, 2013