Baseball and Head Injuries

Watching the M.L.B. playoffs and now World Series I challenge anyone who say that baseball is not a contact sport. The number of foul tips that rung the bell or or gave a mini concussion to catchers has been staggering. Umpires have also got a foul tip in the mask a time or two in the playoffs. However most of the time umpires get foul tips in the shoulder or legs. So it can be a physical sport not like hockey , football or rugby but when their are collisions at the bases they can be very physical. The nastiest collisions are at home plate were I have seen base runner or mostly catchers knocked cold or had a minor concussion.

  You have to know i have a passion for the sport. I think it promotes great team building just like hockey in this great country of Canada. I have played till I was 14 and coached kids between the ages of 10-13. The strategy of the game is something you have to appreciate. Reaction time in catching up to a 90 plus mph fastball is a special talent. Throwing a baseball 90 plus miles an hour is just as special a talent. When you have the ability to hit , hit for power, run, field and steal bases that is a special player.

 The batting helmet was a great invention. Their was only 1 death due to being beaned and his name was Ray Chapman in 1920. The beaning of a pitcher can be just as deadly and I hope a pitcher can wear a modified helmet while pitching in the next few years. This may not safe concussions but will save lives. When a pitch comes in 90 plus miles an hour it comes back at the fielder at 110-120 mph. So reaction time if the ball is hit that square for a pitcher is virtually nil. This game is great so let the baseball equipment and protection keep evolving. There is protection for the elbows and ankles with guards. The same regard should be given for head protection. One piece of equipment that is ever changing is the catcher’s mask traditional or hockey style.

  I always loved pitching mostly because I could never hit. I never thought for a second about a line drive coming back to hit me in the head. However when a player gets into higher competition they should aware of their equipment options and stay safe to enjoy the game as much as they can for as long as they can. Injuries are apart of the game but you should not be afraid of them and play at the highest level you can.

By Ty Stingel

October 27, 2013



The Languages of Family

Living in different family settings of different cultures family is said and perceived in many ways. Living in Canada or the United States our family setting usually gets children to be self sufficient. Being independent is a normal thing but not without the support of parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Family in French is la familie or Spanish la familia were families are usually big, more nurturing and multi generations live together and think nothing of it. Parents and grandparents can co-raise and tech the children. Respect between the generations is not an option but is required in my experience. A collective family to me has a certain appeal. Is this model perfect and the obvious answer is no. However their is a certain comfort in the love, responsibility, selflessness, nurturing and nature raising of a child. Devoted parents and not absentee parenting. Their lives are centered around faith the people I met but I respected their model of family and how much it meant to them. Quebec and Mexico mission trips and a Spanish church in Calgary helped mature my view of what family can be in different cultures.

 The languages of parenting as my parents were of love, servant hood, teaching, faith, education were cornerstones in my sisters lives. We were blessed to have parents who chose us as adoptive parents. Moreover adopting a disabled baby boy who was me. What greater love is that and have stuck by my side through the good, bad and ugly of life. So many families split up when a child is sick or has a disability and my parents were steadfast in their marriage in loving each other and us kids no matter what. So I felt their was always sacrifice which is apart of love for each other in regards to education, health issues, jobs and sharing new adventures as a family. Thank you mom and dad you are the best.

Sports, literary, bible colleges and disability organizations have shown me the discipline or dysfunction can be with the people I was associated with over the years. The life lessons of where a person sets boundaries, assignments, work or volunteering your life strategies and agendas are developed to be successful. Most of all my servant heart was being nurtured through out my adult life.

 A new language of family in the beginning stages through my birth mom and her family are being developed, Our ethics, values, love of family, friends, servant hood, education and work ethic align with how I was raised. Understanding where we are both coming from has taken love, patience,mercy acceptance, courage and a kind heart. That is what family does and this experience with my birth mom and her family is a year old and is a gift I was never expecting from God.

So I want to say thank you God for your word and teaching me about what family and love is all about. I am a work in progress Lord Jesus and want to teach me in a deeper way of what family is so I can share my experience with others.


By Ty Stingel

October 20, 2013


Learning To Let People Get Closer

  I have always had trouble letting people get a little bit closer to me as ex girl friends and fiancées can attest. I am not the easiest guy to get to know as family and friends will tell you as well. Some people will accuse me of being aloof or distant. That is not the case I just don’t want to get hurt, felt pity for or someone viewing me as a project due to my brain injury, epilepsy condition or disability. Love and acceptance and treating me as a equal is all I ever wanted.

  What gets me the most angry is when people who are relative patronize me. I get this attitude in the market place and in the world I don’t need it from you is the thought. My perception that anyone who reads this has relatives, bosses and others who would do the same thing so I don’t think I am special. However I am getting in touch with these feelings for the first time in a long time. To make changes you must think and then act to invite people to be part of your world.

  Going back to the profession of writing and now blogging a person can open themselves up to criticism or praise and you better be able to handle both. Yes I am a big boy and can handle that type of scrutiny. Just saying I will be more vulnerable and let people in and yet trust my instincts so I don’t get played for what people can get out of generous old Ty. Life is a tightrope and you must stick to who you are without putting walls up.

 Writing this blog has freed me up to be who I am as a writer, person and have met cool people from all over the world. So yes my world has grown yet again like it does with High School, college/university and work. When you get hurt like I did in my last job you feel the feels dust yourself off and move on. I want to say I have not been a person full of excuses but someone that has challenged himself everyday no matter what people say.

 So in closing all I am saying like myself stay authentic in your relationships with family, friends, workmates. Do not let yourself be a victim inside relationships instead be a victor. Be kind, loving, firm when you need to be and set healthy boundaries. Most of be the best person you can be physically, spiritually, mentally, emotional you can and the rest will take care of itself. You will be blessed if you do.

By Ty Stingel

October 18, 2013

Head Injuries in Sport

  Our national pastime in Canada is hockey. Concussions were not going to be a high profile injury until a star player was injured. Then it happened Sidney Crosby had two concussions within days and was out for 11 months rehabbing and resting his head injury. Sid Crosby became the poster boy of concussion and took advantage of the best neurologists and specialists who deal with concussion and his employers the Pittsburgh Penguins were not in a rush to protect their investment. Who knew if Sid would ever be the same as concussion studies are ever evolving. Thank goodness for Sid Crosby, his agent Pat Brisson, Ray Shero the General Manager and the Pittsburgh ownership group to be trailblazers in how to treat a player with concussion issues.

 Being a baseball fan catchers seem to be in a position were concussions are the most prevalent. Foul tips are the most consistent play that ring the bells of catchers as the ball hits the mask at high rates of speed usually between 85-95 miles an hour. So technology of a well made mask can help diminish concussions for catchers. Hitters have helmets but their still is risk of getting hit if the pitcher is wild. So yes in baseball like most professional sports there is risk which the athlete excepts.

Soccer no matter men’s or women’s teams headers can produce concussions. Women are more prone to head injuries in this sport. So education and proper instruction of technique will always make the sport safer. The athlete is a human being not a piece of meat. Though owners of even professional soccer teams believe it but wouldn’t say it publicly. Soccer is the biggest sport is most of the world and a healthy educated athlete who is educated on concussions like other injuries will improve this sport.

Football is the most barbaric of sports and the high school, university, Canadian Football League and National Football League are at risk due to their lack of education and concern over education. Finances can’t overtake a players health. However the N.F.L. would beg to differ as they don’t want to acknowledge concussion, head, neck injuries and brain disease that affect current and former players.

So head injury in sports is not something to be afraid of in sport. Education and learning about the brain through neurology reports on athletes can help families of athletes and athletes to make decisions about their sports. You can have many parts of the body replaced but we are only given one brain and it’s each individuals job to take care of it. Un necessary death due to depression from head injury need not happen as long as the secrecy ceases for the risk in all sports. My dream is that all sports teams from minor sports, high school, university and pro teams have trainers who can diagnose and tell the athlete the truth and keep them safe. A life means more than the all mighty dollar. All these programs make money its about time to take care of the person with the invisible injury with devastating results. So I say again lets protect the athlete’s head and brain.

By Ty Stingel

October 17, 2013


Embracing Life

Embracing life is to accept who you are

When you are fighter you must fight

When you show courage you must not be full of fright

Be empowered to shine like a star.

Never be afraid to take on new challenges today

Hiking up a mountain to see a different point of view

Early in the morning under a heavy dew

So we can be flexible like a jar of clay.

So many people only see their life as it is now

Not what there lives can be

Never to be handcuffed by others expectations but now free

Be happy again and not full of doubt.

Embrace your talents and the passions you have ever imagined

Your life may never be the same again if you believe

What was stolen can now be retrieved

To show your personality that is fashioned

So now embrace your life’s journey again

Fight for who you want to be

No matter what others see

So embrace life with the support of family or friend.

By Ty Stingel

October 17, 2013


Welcome Home

Well it is Thanksgiving and be should say welcome home

Put aside our differences instead of creating a perfect storm

Instead love one another like it is the norm

So give your parents a hug and kiss and say it’s good to home

So live in the moment and don’t bicker about the past

Live with each other in harmony and be thankful for what you got

You never know if you will be here again at this very spot

So make memories that are joyous and will last.

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow and when our maker calls us home

So let’s take care of the present and say three precious words I love you

Be thankful for the turkey, the trimmings and ask what can I do

When you are at peace with God and the one’s you love you are never alone.

So welcome home you weary traveller God will say to us

My son or daughter you need not weep no more

You have run the race well as  He opens up the door

I am yours and you are mine he will say to us.

By Ty Stingel

October 13, 2013