To Say Hello

To say hello is a start

When a new chapter in one’s life’s journey

A new baby being born and a period of adjustment and learning

You make a commitment to be responsible and never part.

However in life parents make tough choice in regards to their child

My birth mom held me, loved me and yet for my good said goodbye

In God’s divine providence we said hello again this summer as I smiled and cried

The joy we both felt as it answered questions we both had since I was child.

Saying hello takes courage no matter what anyone says too you

We maybe accepted or rejected that day

However God’s love never fades and molds us like clay

Love, peace and joy grabs hold no matter what people may say or do.

Moving forward in life when done in faith a person can go far

Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin

To be grateful of who you are and where you’ve been

To say hello to life and knowing who is my strength and shining star. 

I am so loved and I am grateful new people have let me in

We are built to be loved, accepted and wanted on earth

Coming to peace with my past and looking forward with joy for what it’s worth

Accepting and loving family and friends where love begins.

So reintroduce yourself and say hello to someone today

Tear down the walls of time and space

And you will see God’s amazing grace

The healing begins and growth takes place.

Saying hello means I love you and I care too me

Wanting to be the best son, brother, uncle and friend

Someone that you can count on that will not bend

Every day I am grateful for this life and too be free.

By Ty Stingel

December 29, 2013

Dedicated to all my family and friends who love, care and support me.



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