Dreams how are they realized today

First you have to have a burning desire to achieve the goal

Let no one get in the way of your dreams and goals

Let everyone know you are determined and you are not going away.

Having the heart of a champion

To overcome adversity and trial

You put in your work with discipline, personality and style.

Remind yourself despite the people who discourage I am a champ.

Believe me life is real as it gets with struggles we all have to bear

Are we afraid or face the day with courage today

Live a hearty live filled with work, family, adventure and play

When the burdens are heavy God will be there.

So dream big dreams for yourself on the journey of life

See what no one else sees and go for it

Believe that you will make it

God believes in you, the other supporters will give you encouragement in your life.

By Ty Stingel

June 25, 2013


Southern Alberta Flooding

There are heroes among the disaster today

To give of themselves even at their risk as they are givers

This disaster is not just about stuff but now how to people live

These individuals have a new normal for there work, rest and play.

I feel a closeness to what is happening out there

You see I used to live in Calgary and travel around those surrounding areas so I care

My heart and compassion for the ravaged area is there.

May we do all that we can to help

May we not be selfish and look within

For being uncaring would be a sin

For at one time or another we all need help.

This disaster is not in a far off land

The Southern Alberta flooding is a plausible call

It is our choice to rise up today

Let each one of us be of good courage and be used in any way

So rise up when you are given the call.

Ty Stingel

June 21, 2013

The First Meeting

The first meeting happens many times in life

The first time you go to school that feels scary and making our way in the world

The first time were we go to church and faith is unfurled

Those first meetings are so unpredictable in life.

The first time we apply for university or a job

Both take a world of faith and we are praying they like us

Whatever their decision we are in or we go forward and shake off the dust.

Life is a journey not a job.

Well I have a very important meeting coming up

My birth mom and I meet for the first time at least for me

She say me as a baby, this is a new experience and want to be free

To love,tears, share life, be joyful when the day comes up.

I have had first meetings before and with the ones I love they are special ones

May this meeting be full of memories that will be great to build on

Where my birth mom and I feel joy as she calls to me son

Those first meetings scary, wonderful as you may be taught something by the Son.

Miracles Happen: Mi Cabaeza Familia

To all those who don’t speak Spanish mi cabaeza familia means my head family. All of my family has been effected or work with individuals who have head injuries or done both. My dad has had a few concussions, my sister had migraines that led to brain surgery to take off the calcium deposit  and the surgeon put in a plastic plate in her head when she was 18. My mom becoming a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in a brain injury unit for over 20 years. My story being mentioned in previous blogs of my 6 brain surgeries in my first 7 years.

Here is where the miracles come in for our family. All of us have led productive lives using our talents. My sister is a great cook and leader in her job. She has also worked in a bakery and deli department as a manager. Dad has been a teacher and a welder for over 40 years. He has overcome a blood disease, a diabetic coma that lasted 9 days and an aortic aneurysm that was caught just in time. He also lives admirably with diabetes for the last 20 years. My mom is the rock and has lived with fibromyalgia for the the past 15 years.The miracle for be is that I am alive, I can walk, talk and I am not blind. When I attempted to track a fly ball as a outfielder as a child my dad may differ on my seeing abilities but all in all I do well.The miracles are many by God, surgeons hands, positive attitude and human will.

Miracles are not some biblical myth. They miracle are a real thing. Just the other day I witnessed one with my dad reading this big book on World War 1 when doctors said he would have a hard time focusing after his coma 6 years ago. Some may call this perseverance but my family and I have witnessed his recovery and know this is an amazing development. If you can’t tell my dad is one of my hero’s. God has done some amazing things in his life.

So what are the miracles big or small that have happened in your family, to your friends, your community or yourself? If you slow down you may see what amazing developments have happened from supernatural and natural actions by people God uses. One of the coolest miracles is a newborn baby. My parents called my sister and I gifts from God. 

You may agree or disagree on the subjects of miracles. However it is a subject we should all ponder. Young or old, rich or poor, able bodied or disabled. All I can tell you from my perspective I have seen these forces of light descend on people that I love and change our lives.

By Ty Stingel

June 17, 2013



Don’t Judge Who I Am

Don’t judge who I am

The way I talk, walk, do things

We all are different and words sting

However I will not be distracted that is who I am.

Family members,colleagues or acquaintances will take advantage of me no more

Being a victor not a victim is the key for me

Acknowledge my past and facing my future I finally see

I will be free from my inner and outer core.

We have judged someone for one reason or another

I have judged others from time to time

However I have had to ask forgiveness to give the final word

On someone’s existence as God deals with us all my judgement seems absurd

One thing in life we cannot waste is time.

So don’t judge me for the person I am working to become

God is not finished with me yet and am a work in progress at work or play

He is the potter and is continually forming this clay

We are all unique and were in His hands and let him beat the the drum.

By Ty Stingel

June 11, 2013


Courage has always been an admirable quality to me

In combat, sports, overcoming illness and every day life

Overcoming circumstances that that are difficult and can cut like a knife

Courage always comes with a cost and is never free.

People who have done courageous acts have been called heroes through time

They all have had inner strength and help from above

To take care of another instead of themselves an act of care and love

Who want nothing in return not even a dime.

Courage is a life long venture this I know

Coming through serious surgeries as a child was just the start

Persevering through school and baseball drills with encouragement to make me stand apart

I am a child of God who needs strength so I can fight on and go.

The challenges of life are many to face

Do we see the journey as overwhelming and so dark

Or do we see life lessons that are to impart

Most of all do we stand up and say God give me courage and grace.

Thank you to all who have gone into battle so long ago

Who answered the call for their country so we could be free

The sacrifice you made was for all too see

May we never forget and remember the courage you bestowed.

So stand up with courage today when you are called

Whatever you are asked to do by man or God above

May you have strength like eagles but yet harmless as a dove

Oh what a honor yesterday, today or in the future to rise up and be called.

By Ty Stingel

June 10, 2013

Talents We Are Given

The talents we are given can be big or small

Are these abilities nurtured, ignored or choked out

Do we grab a hold and say yes I can or pout

It is easy to say I should have done this but harder to answer the call.

Following one’s dreams is not a catch phrase

This call to action should be a passion for a lifetime

Which could pay you millions or not a dime

In the end you are fulfilled and happy all your days.

Writing, speaking to groups and living an active life are my passions

Sharing my gift with others so they use their talents gives me joy

Every ones path in life is different for every girl and boy

Seeking a good journey never goes out of fashion.

Everyone must seek there talents no matter the cost

Unfortunately the tapes in our heads from conversations past stop us

Erasing that talk and thinking positively would free us

We would find our meaning and never be lost.

This world needs you and needs me

To do the right thing and help our fellow man

To consult God and wise counsel to help us with the plan

May your talents, abilities grow and be free.

By Ty Stingel

June 2013