Poem: Forgive

Forgive is such a profound word

Some days I think the human mind can barely grasp the thought

However necessary to give over the anger and hurt to God which can’t be bought

Hanging on to that grudge or hurt seems absurd.

We are to forgive an God has forgiven us

That means family, friends, co workers or that person who cuts you off in traffic

The soul needs to be at peace not angry or frantic

Giving over those issues to God we see His peace and love for us.

We all have been hurt and wounded deeply

However we must ask ourselves do we want to be free

So we can be all that we are meant to be

We are forgiven and once were blind from anger but now are at peace and can see.

Give me wisdom to have grace with with all doubters in life

Help me to be upright and do what you call me do

This life is too short to be angry and blue

May I cause harmony and not strife.

By Ty Stingel

June 2013


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